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 A documentary following the Riley family across the country as their son, Austin, chases his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. Click here to watch the documentary


Our goal is to raise awareness for autism by harnessing the power of story telling. By sharing Austin’s story with the world, we aim to educate, inspire, and as a result empower each and every person we come in contact with. Empower those with autism to do great things and empower those without it by providing them with a deeper level of love and empathy for their fellow human beings.

Austin Riley

Career Highlights

Career Highlights

2021 Emzone Radical Cup Canada Champion


8 Races

5 wins

1 second

1 third

2020 Radical Canada East Champion


14 Races

10 Wins

3 Seconds

1 Third

 Saleen Factory Driver


Saleen Cup

Saleen Factory Driver

Saleen Cup Portland International Raceway 1st
Saleen Cup Watkins Glen Round 1 1st
Saleen Cup Watkins Glen Round 2 2nd
Saleen Cup Road America Round 1 2nd
Saleen Cup Road America Round 2 1st
Saleen Cup Las Vegas Motor Speedway Round 1 3rd
Saleen Cup Las Vegas Motor Speedway Round 2 3rd

Micra Cup
Calabogie Motorsports Park 3rd
Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 2nd
Le Circuit Mont Tremblant 3rd

Nissan Micra Cup Series 9th overall (34 drivers) 

 Racing With Autism Team Driver

  •   9th overall in Micra championship

2017 Team Driver Azure Racing

  • Nissan Micra Cup

2016 Graduated Skip Barber Advanced School

  • 2nd ECKC Goodwood

  • 2nd Open Shifter CRFKC

2015 DD2

  • 2nd Overall Texas Pro Kart Challenge

  • Graduated Skip Barber at Laguna Seca

  • 3rd Overall in DD2 at the Canadian National Championships

  • 3rd Overall in DD2 at MIKA (partial schedule)

2014 Jr Rotax

  • 2nd Overall in MIKA

  • 3rd Western Canadian Karting Championships

  • Graduated Skip Barber at Road Atlanta

2013 Jr Rotax

  • 3rd  Overall in TRAK

2012 Rotax Mini Max

  • 2nd Overall in the ECKC

  • TRAK Club Champion

  • MIKA Club Champion

  • Mosport King of the Hill Class Winner

2007 - Began career, multiple championships


  • Born: May 8th 1999

  • Hometown: Lindsay, Ontario

  • School: Uxbridge Secondary School

  • Racing since:2007

  • Drivers: Lewis Hamilton, Scott Dixon, Kyle Marcelli

  • Tracks: Goodwood, Mosport

  • Foods: Pasta, Chinese Food

  • Dessert: Chocolate Cake

  • Music: Anything with a wicked beat

  • Activities: Racing, Racing, Racing and Video Games

  • Cars: McLaren P1, Dodge Hellcat

  • TV Shows: Top Gear, The Grand Tour

  • Movie: Dumb and Dumber & Baby Driver

  • Win: 2009 TRAK Night Race. Where I came from last place after a spin and passed everyone and still won the race by 16 seconds in the rain.

  • Favourite Memory: Accomplishing my dream and becoming one of the first people with Autism in the world to road race a car in a nationally sanctioned series

Our work


A collection of incredible individuals who Austin has met and worked with

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If your goal with your students is inspiration, for them to be motivated to make a difference in this world, contact Racing with Autism to book your presentation today. Dates are limited. Have a look below and see what some of the schools we have recently presented at have to say…..


“Hillside would like to thank you all of your team for coming out and making a presentation for our grades 3-8 recognizing World Autism Awareness Day. It was an honour meeting you all and listening to your experience. We weren’t sure what to expect, but may I tell you that I haven’t seen the community this engaged in an assembly. Afterwards, I had so many staff, parents and students comment on what a moving story you shared. A male grade six student thanked me for arranging it and then said, “That was so powerful. I wanted to cry.” Your words Jason, did indeed bring many of us to tears. You made us aware of the isolation, fears and emotions that go hand in hand when your life is impacted by Autism. And then to hear Austin speak made us feel so privileged! Your messages touched our hearts and stirred up an empathy people will not forget. May you always race with happiness. Thanks again for making us ‘aware’!!!”


- Joyce Lehman Hillside Public School

“Hello, I had the absolute privilege of listening to your presentation in school this morning.  I feel I wanted to say how truly inspiring Austin and you, his family are. I was extremely touched by Austin’s journey & I was humbled by the reaction of our pupils, some of who I’m sure can relate in many ways.  Days come & go by so quickly in our hectic lives, however I’m pretty sure today will be remembered by so many of us for a very long time, it was most definitely one of the highlights of me working in education.”    


- Adele Cadman Teacher Southam College Year 7 Southam England


“Hello Jason, I need you to know how totally inspiring myself, the staff and most importantly the students found the session you ran on Friday at Southam. I had students coming to see me all day to ask when you were coming back and would they get to see you all again. Austin is an incredible young man, but what was certain was that yourself and Shane most certainly did not give yourselves enough credit for your dedication to ensuring Austin is able to reach his potential. Austin is extremely lucky to have such wonderful people by his side, and I spoke with one of my Autistic students yesterday who said, and I quote, “I think this is what my mum has been trying to tell me, I can do anything, I think she believes in me as much as Austin’s dad believes in him”. She totally read the situation and she read it beautifully. So much so on the way to my lesson,  she was on her way back to see you to say thank you.  Thank you so much for coming back to Southam, 

Hopefully see you all in your next tour of the UK have a safe trip home.”
Kate Adele Poole Head Year 8 Southam College Southam England


“I thoroughly enjoyed Racing With Autism on so many levels. Firstly, by telling Austin’s story, you truly highlighted information about autism for students, many of whom didn’t know that autism looks a bit different for every person who lives with it and that a person with autism may not look outwardly different than everyone around him or her. But the underlying message of Racing With Autism is a story about hope and perseverance and courage in the face of adversity. Hearing about some of the challenges Austin faced in his life, and even when he began racing and was so small, shows incredible courage and tenacity. Because Austin is only a little older than the students in the audience, his message rings truer than hearing about an adult who overcame challenges. Finally, this presentation showed the boundless love that families have for each other. Seeing all of Austin’s family at the presentation, participating and supporting his endeavour

"Charles Bowman Public School had the pleasure of a visit from Racing with Autism! Upon organizing the event, the emails were quick, prompt, and precise. When they came to visit, we were super excited immediately because the crew brought in a real-sized cart! The team was very pleasant and full of smiles during the entire presentation. The information that was shared was student-friendly and interesting. There was a slide show present with great pictures to support the information being relayed. It was an incredible opportunity for students to comfortably learn about autism and become inspired to get involved in one way or another. Austin is a truly amazing individual; he signed cards for the students to take home as an autographed keepsake. We will always welcome Racing with Autism back to our school!"


Tanya Rypstra

Grade 4/5 teacher

Charles Boman Public School


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