My name is Jason Riley and I am the founder and President of Racing With Autism, but I am most famously known as Austin’s Dad. I am originally from England but moved to Canada with my parents when I was just a boy.

I grew up in the North York area of Toronto but now reside in the lovely town of Uxbridge Ontario with my wife Jennifer, daughter Courtney and of course the superstar Austin. I have two full time jobs, first of which is Outside sales position for an amazingly supportive company called Utech Electronics which certainly keeps me busy during the day. My second full time Job( evenings and weekends) is chief supporter, sponsor, marketing manager, presenter and some time mechanic for Austin, his racing career and Racing with Autism. I am very blessed to have such an incredible team of very special people that help me share Austin’s story and make his dreams come true.



I am Shane Riley, and I consider myself very lucky to be the Vice President of Racing With Autism. Not only do I get to spend a big part of my life raising awareness and changing people’s lives for the better, but I get to do it with people I love.

I was born and raised in Toronto Canada, and through the brotherly bond I have with Jason Riley, I quickly developed a love for cars, engines, and all things that go fast. I’ve had all the toys, raced go karts, and over the past few years have been touring with CAN-AM Watercross Tour racing Jet skis.  I work for CAT as a Heavy Equipment Technician. Thanks to their support in our cause I have been able to dedicate my time where it is most needed, as a big brother and role model to Austin.

The most important message I can share is to accept people for what they can do, and don’t discriminate against them for what they can’t.



Hi, my name is Myranda and I have been part of the Racing With Autism team since mid 2014.  My exciting new position with the team is Director/Coordinator of Child Sponsorship,   I have a diploma in social service work from Durham College, and experience in occupational, behavioural, speech and language therapy.

Austin and I met through my college co-op at Novas Ark. An animal therapy center for children with disabilities.   Austin visited once a week and we worked together for about 4 hours a day. The very first thing Austin ever said to me was “  I’m Austin Riley, I’m pretty famous, you should google me ” after he said this I was shocked because he had never spoken a word to me before and this was how he decided to introduce himself.  Without hesitation I went and looked him up and to my surprise he wasn’t lying. Google was filled with his face and stories and achievments.
Since then I have placed myself into Austin’s life by being at his side as much as possible.

Since 2014, Austin and I have overcome many obstacles and have been fortunate enough to travel with him to Australia as part of his Autism awareness tour of that country.  It was a life changing experience and one of the best moments of my life.   I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Austin and Racing With Autism  and I am very excited to be a part of it.


My name is Jessica Benge and I am Racing With Autism’s Autism specialist and Austin’s life coach.

I am from Tasmania, Australia and became a part of the Racing with Autism team in 2014 after winning an overseas scholarship. Austin’s story inspired me so much that after being awarded the scholarship I knew Canada is where I wanted to go.  I spent just shy of 15 months living in Canada, travelling and working alongside Austin and the team. I even had the privilege of Austin staying with me and spreading Autism Awareness in Australia for 8 weeks in early 2016.

Racing with Autism became my second family and the distance has me constantly torn. I am now a regional Coordinator for a disability consulting company in Tasmania, as well as a motivational speaker where I present many Autism Awareness presentations, of course with my highlight being about my hero and best friend Austin.  My spare time is spent at a dirt race track racing my go kart, and caring for my step son who adores his “mate” Austin.

Racing with Autism is a team filled with passionate and vibrant people who love what they do. A team that will strive to succeed in what they set out to accomplish.

“ Sometimes it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things no one can imagine”