Welcome to Austin’s fan page. The following are direct quotes from people that have all been a part of Austin’s life and karting career. They have made as much difference in his life as he has in theirs and they all want to see him continue his racing career. If you would like to add something to this page please visit our contact page and submit your quote under the comments section.

“I feel quite privileged to have met you guys whilst on this tour. I attended the talk you did to parents. Your talk was amazing. I can think of so many people who would benefit for hearing your story. Austin is an absolute super star with or without trophies, well done Austin. Thank you once again. – Amazing family x” Jen Almond

“Well done guys you are going to be missed big time. You’ve inspired myself & jack that much that we are going to try & start a group for children with autism who love motorsport also jack wants to do a small tour of south wales to keep racing with autism & autism awareness going. I don’t know what it is about Austin but he as touched our hearts it feels like we’ve known him for years.”                                                                               Robert Pittas

“I wish someone would nominate Austin for an Order of Canada. What he is doing is not only great for those with autism but raises up all people, of all walks of life. Much, much respect to Austin and everyone supporting him on his speaking engagements.”                                                                                                       J.W Ross

“I’ve just attended Jess and Austin’s presentation in Canberra where we heard from both of them about Austin’s amazing journey. I was deeply touched on so many levels by this very special young man. Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. Shout your message to the ends of the earth. I look forward to following Austin’s future adventures and it really makes me smile just thinking about where he can go and what he can achieve from here 🙂 Austin, you ROCK!!”

Amy Smith

“You are such an inspiration to many people. I hope all your dreams come true. You came to my son’s school Kettle Lake Public School my Son has been obsessed with race car driving. His father takes him out every other week go karting, he is only 5 and he is already asking to drive on his own. He always says “I want to drive like Austin”
Ezeh Ezeddin

“Even tho I am no longer with energy kart Canada I am honored to have had the chance to work along side such a talented driver. Austin Riley has been an inspiration to me to keep going no matter what the days challenges are. I just want to say thank you to the racing with autism team.”
Jeremy Mitchell

“Austin, you are amazing! Haven’t traveled long with you, but have watched you grow. It’s so wonderful to see how far you have come, so fast you have grown and so awesome you have managed to grow into racing! Your Dad must be so proud of you. I love to see what and where you have been and are going. The travels you have done, the awards you have won. You are truly amazing. Thanks for letting so many share in your life. Keep up the great work, and again thank you for sharing your world with so many people around the world. Be Proud Of Yourself! God Speed Austin!”
Don Seifried

“Could I please just say, Austin spoke at the College where I am a teacher in DisABILITY. He and Jess taught my students more in an hour than I could ever teach them in a year. What a truely inspirational young man. I felt so proud to hear Austin speak and I don’t know this young man.”
Karen Johnston

“Today at the Deloraine Day Centre we had the absolute pleasure of hearing Austin’s story of how he got to be a champion within this sport. Wow what an inspiring story it is. Austin is a very humble young man who faces challenges every day with his Autism, but then he gets into a go-cart and races his heart out with speeds of up to 150km at times and has podium wins of either 1st, 2nd or 3rd, beating some of the best drivers within the sport. His story definitely needs to be shared.
Congratulations to you Austin!!!”
Ginna Linnemann

“Wow! what a great inspiration this handsome young man is. He is an amazing race car driver and easily bested me as the oldest dude in Racing School. This young man will change peoples lives. He is unbelievably talented and a master of HIS world. We can learn so much about Autism through Austin.”
Mercer Dye  Atlanta, Georgia

“To Curtis, Jason and most of all Austin. What a pleasure,  more like an honour to meet you all.  Going into the WCC  I knew I couldn’t win it.   I did want to do okay but most of all I needed the experience,  and maybe meet some cool people along the way.  Look who I met, my now idol,  my role model.   Someone that can drive the wheels of a go kart. A person that really shouldn’t be fast because of everything that he has to face,  but is.   He’s one in a million, maybe even billion. Someone that I will now forever look up to,  not only as a driver but also as a incredible individual. Someone who you want to spend time with, listen to his laugh, one I’ll never forget and has made this weekend that much better.  I never would of ever hoped to meet such a kind crew.   A dad who is willing to do literally everything for his son.   A mechanic that does everything in his power to make the go kart fast and to help his driver.   A driver that has some mad talent.   Someone who wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence. Someone who you want to spend time with, just a personality that glows.   Shines through the others, and a voice that you never would of expected to come out of him.   Just the few memories that been made in literally less then a week even knowing Austin.    I am going to keep everything you guys have given me in special keeping because it already means so much to me.  I literally couldn’t even talk to Cody Schindel about Austin without balling my eyes out because he is such an inspiring person.   But there’s a bad side to this,  now that I know who the real Austin is,  I’m going to need to see more of him, and I hopefully will sometime soon.   I want to invite you guys out once this summer or next summer for a race. It would be an honour to have Austin at our track.   I also would like to thank Jason for everything. Literally everything. From just talking to us but even taking us all out for dinner.  It really was cool to even see Curtis looking at my go kart.  Anyway, after this whole thing I just would like to thank you for everything.  From just the support that you have given me but all the tiny little things.   Like the picture he signed, the picture that is now going to go up on my wall beside Ashley force and Mario Andretti.   To me, is worth more then Andretti’s,  someone that already means so much to me,and already has such an impact on my life. Five days, only five days it took him to impact my life in such a big way.  I will always remember the time we have spent together and loved every minute. When I watch him drive it’s spectacular, he’s not anything different from the other kids. He’s one of the fastest drivers,  like he really can drive, amazingly actually. I will always remember his story about work bitch, and how much I didn’t expect him to say that but it was pretty funny.  Just everything, the jacket that I’m in love with, the shirt that I wear so proudly on my back.  But most of all the story of a truly amazing little driver.  A person that you need read more about, (I’ve already watched all the YouTube videos about him.) and wow, what a legend.  A person I literally haven’t stopped talking about since day 1.  When the weekend was over, I knew i couldn’t hold it together. First I’m pretty emotional and just the fact that I may never see him again, really hit me hard.  Because seeing your idol and hanging out like real people is truly amazing. And I will need to see you guys again.  He is just one guy, but he’s made a world of difference to me. And I will forever be a Austin Riley fan. I hope he likes his picture, and I don’t think I could even write enough for how happy I am that I met you all.  Thank you for being such an inspiration, all of you.”

Alexis Budel Senior Rotax Driver Manitoba Canada

“My experience with Austin working as his personal driver coach and kart mechanic has been a very enriching and eye opening one. Austin personifies everything a racing driver should; he is blisteringly fast on track and is a role model to others off track. He still amazes me when he drives and I forget about his struggles with Autism when he is on track competing. The last regional karting event we attended Austin placed 6th out of the best Jr racers in Eastern Canada and it was an outstanding drive.  Austin’s driving talent is purely amazing, however the size of his heart becomes apparent when you speak to him about his friends and competitors that share his passion for racing. He truly cares about all his team-mates, rivals, friends, and new drivers he has never spoken to before. It has been so rewarding for me to work with Austin and to be made feel a part of his family. I cant express the magnitude of how much I want Austin to keep racing the rest of his life and keep inspiring others by following his own dream.

Curtis Fox (#biggestfanever) Racer, Tuner and Driving Coach

“The biggest challenge and fear of any writer is having the responsibility of trying to put words to something that simply cannot be described. When I sat down in front of my computer try and capture Austin Riley in an article for In The Pits Media, I felt overwhelmed at what a daunting task I’d taken on. The challenge was that trying to capture what makes Austin such an incredible inspiration and a great ambassador for motorsport is impossible because there are no words for the experience. What I can say is that I met and had the honour of telling the story of a young man who speaks eloquently with a steering wheel in his hands and a kart underneath him. I came to realize that Austin doesn’t race in spite of having Autism. Austin races using the strengths he can draw from Autism. Those strengths, more than any other qualities, make him an amazing young man that it is my privilege to have met.”
Colene J. Allen, Author of “Inspiration at Speed”, In The Pits Media

“My week at the Canadian Nationals all started out with working with a very talented individual in the practice sessions as a driver coach. The driver was Austin Riley of Racing with Autism and Energy Canada. Most everyone knows, but for some viewers who don’t yet Austin is Autistic. Everyone judges a book by its cover, they don’t realize the challenges facing Austin and what he has to just overcome to even get in the kart. In my eyes, it’s a win every time he just steps in the kart. Austin has found what he truly loves which is motorsport, but that’s not all he found. He found a sport that is the hardest to compete at the top level, but Austin has a gift. He is naturally talented. How is that possible you ask? In a sport where its the minute adjustments to your hands and feet working the wheel and pedals that makes the difference, and it’s the search of just tenths of a second to make the difference. Somehow, Austin Riley is extremely fast. All throughout practice Austin was one of the fastest, right with the leaders times. Don’t underestimate this kid, first year Junior Rotax. A lot of people don’t take that into consideration. Give him a couple years to get settled in, and comfortable. One thing I really like about this kid is he’s eager to learn once he trusts you. Most kids at his age, especially boys tend to have a “my way or the highway” personality. They won’t listen to anything, because they think they know everything. Austin is the opposite; once he knows you he listens very well to anything on and off track. You just have to make sure it was clear. Most the times Austin didn’t listen to me it was due to my confusing race terminology explanations. Once we started to understand each other, we got faster and faster together. I would like to thank Racing with Autism, the Riley’s and most of all Austin. They treated me like family while I worked with them, and extremely easy family to work and get along with. I wish them the best of luck with future racing and ventures!”
Parker Thompson Energy Kart Factory Team Driver

“Working with Austin was a real pleasure. A very nice kid with a true passion for racing and going fast. We worked on plenty of driving techniques during his time at the Jim Russell Karting Academy including overtaking and defending where we had time on track together racing. I can see that Austin has a great future ahead of him and I would love to be able to work together with him again in the near future”
Ben Cooper 3 Time World Karting Champion

“I recently discovered your website as a result of the posting on Facebook about the new T-shirts promoting the Autism Fundraising. I took a tour of your site and was inspired by your story of Austin. As a team owner, I can applaud the individual efforts one makes to promote one’s self or their child but as a father of two special needs daughters and a son, I can honestly state that I relate to every single word. My children (I have 5 in total) needed from time to time the advocacy of involved parents and my wife (at the time) was one of the best. I had the benefit of being able to visit our daughters regularly in high school which helped me to see their challenges but at the same time, seemed to make a difference in how the other kids in the school responded to them. Just there being an advocate seemed to make a difference. I want to wish you the very best Jason as a father and fellow member of the motorsports community and I look forward to watching Austin grow and advance in his sport with the same sense of passion and excellence he has demonstrated so far. In the meanwhile, keep the faith, face adversity with inspiration and dedication and simply be the dad that Austin needs, and the rest will sort itself out.”
Lorne Kelly K&K North America

“Hi, just wanted to send a email after watching Austin’s video done by the CBC.
I am a Parent with two children with Autism and after seeing Austin’s Video it really changed my outlook on life, just wanted to thank you Austin by showing me that there is light at the end of the tunnel!
thank you once again and good luck with the races.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Austin through his father, Jason, years ago. Even though our interaction was somewhat limited, I was immediately impressed with his undeniable passion for racing. I fortunately had the opportunity to watch several videos and share in his experience, which gave me an additional perspective into his remarkable abilities as a driver. Everyone who knows Austin should be very proud of his accomplishments and management of life’s obstacles both on and off the course. His successes as a driver should serve as an inspiration and motivation to all. I have an astounding respect for the Riley’s and their amazing son Austin and am proud to have developed a lifelong friendship with them all! Go Austin!”
Greg Giuliano/VP Marketing/Sales Terraglo Lighting

“Last summer I was up at Goodwood Kart track and I remember seeing Austin run wide out of the last corner. He was on the bumpy undulating grass, the Kart went four wheels in the air – I was in total amazement that Austin kept full throttle through the whole off track sequence. I thought to myself, ‘man is that kid brave.’ Austin is a great little talent, one that I hope goes far in racing.”
Dave Empringham, Grand Am Series Driver

“It’s not easy to describe my feelings about Austin Riley. They’ve spread to his entire family, and have impacted my heart more than I was prepared for. Autism, I now see, isn’t about one person. It’s about a community. It’s about parents who support no matter the trials – a father who loves without judging or fear, a sister who attends every event (even if young, cute boy drivers help draw her in), a mother who’s heart pains when her son struggles and dances when he succeeds. It’s about sacrifice, hurt, and a constant roller coaster search for peace. And then, there is the boy who endures. We, as a people, are not always kind, and there is the boy who must suffer the slings and arrows of stigmas, and the assumption that he is his affliction and will never succeed.
At 13 years old, Austin Riley, supported by a racing community that has so passionately accepted him as just another boy, just another driver, has found peace in his drivers seat, and against all odds, succeeded more than anyone expected.
I am not a religious person, but I pray every day that Austin finds a sponsor and is allowed to continue the sport, the only thing, he loves – the only place where he is simply Austin.
He is an outstanding young man, with an even more outstanding family.
We all owe him one more race.”
Matthew Strader, Toronto Star Freelance Writer

“Being active within the motorsports community for over 20 years, I’ve been very fortunate to have had a firsthand perspective of what separates Champions from the rest – natural talent, ability, determination, a willingness to learn, courage, intelligence, and intuition. When Austin straps on his helmet, these are ALL attributes that separate him from the rest of his competitors. He is a Champion and when his engine fires up there is nothing that will get in his way. What he lacks dealing with the affects of Autism on a daily basis, he makes up tenfold through perseverance and his desire to succeed. Austin is an inspiration to us all, living proof that where there is a will, there is a way. With proper funding and support there is no doubt that Austin will succeed at all levels of the sport.”
Daniel Di Leo
Professional Race Car Driver
Goodwood Kartways, President
And proud supporter of Austin’s racing career

“Perceptual Motor Skills are essential in motorsports. Austin has a comfort level here at the track that allows him to develop his strength in motorsports. His participation is what I believe ables him to cope and deal with his weaknesses that are caused by Autism. This past season he was successful in winning the Rotax MiniMax division at MIKA. Next year he will further develop these skills as he endeavors to continue into one of the most competitive classes in karting, Jr Rotax. Dealing with a great number of children that suffer from various disorders has made me realize that supporting them in their endeavors increases their ability to cope with the stressful situations they encounter, and reinforcement in their younger years will assist them later in life. Watching Austin excel on the race track has given me the belief that we need to support children with functional disabilities and reinforce their strengths. We can all benefit from the Austins of the world. Austin forever changed me. He has helped me with my own development and understanding of working with children with Autism, for that I will always be grateful to him.”
Ken Flute, Mosport International Karting

“Over the past 2 years I have been working with Austin as his driver coach. Working with Austin has been interesting to say the least. He has taught me more things than I had ever thought I could learn from someone his age. His love for the sport of auto racing is unmatched and it shows in his ability, he loves what he does and you’ll almost never see him at the track without a big smile. It is amazing that Austin has been able to overcome his challenges and race and be competitive with the best out there. In the 2 years working with Austin he has greatly improved in his driver ability as well as his race craft. He is a very promising racer and I can’t wait to see him atop the podium once again.”
Bryson Schutte, Austin’s Driving coach, Rotax Kart Champion and Skip Barber Racing Series Competitor

“I had the great fortune of meeting this incredibly talented young man two years ago. Despite the many challenges he faces on a daily basis, his passion for racing and the incredible talent he possess on the track is a monumental achievement! Austin is a force to be reckoned with behind the wheel, and yet one of the warmest, kindest people I know. His future gets brighter every day! All the best Austin!”
Jennifer Rodych, Austin’s Grade 6 and 7 Teacher

“Austin lives and breathes racing. It is always on his mind. He’s one of the quickest kids around and he’s also a great friend.”
Marco Signoretti, Austin’s Best Friend